Firefox and Ie both won't go to help?
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I am on a w2k pc at work. I use firefox primarily and hit tons of web sites a day. Yesterday I noticed I was getting the "connection refused" message in Firefox when attempting to go to only.

I only get this message w/ amazon---- I have clicked all of the hundreds of bookmarks and they all go through successfully. The same amazon blockage happens in IE. I have done a cubicle shout out and my coworkers just feet away all connect successfully. My lone overworked IT guy is too busy with bigger fish to fry than with a site that i probably shouldn't spend any work time worrying about, but he did say that no changes have been done to the firewall. I've played with a lot of the internet options settings--even putting in my trusted sites and lowering the slider from high security to low. I'm accepting all cookies. I'd say i'm an advanced surfer and moderate pc troubleshooter. Not uber geek by a long shot, but not grandma trying out the intrweb nets for the first time either.
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Has your hosts file been changed to block
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Response by poster: I wish I knew how to check that file, or to edit it. I'm searching microsoft knowledge database right now. No luck so far..
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Best answer: Our PC, which runs WinXP, had problems connecting to Windows Update, McAfee, NAI, and Symantec's websites. As you might expect, this was a result of some kind of malware. McAfee's tech support pointed us to this page, which solved the problem. I don't know that's what's wrong with your machine. You should probably find someone what a better idea of what's going on before following those instructions (for domains, of course, not McAfee ones).
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Response by poster: Thank you danb & rhapsodie I went to the Mcafee site and followed the instructions and now all is working fine.
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