Acoustic gtr store near Boston
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What's the cool new/used acoustic guitar store you'd recommend to a friend in the Boston area, bonus points for being near Rockport, Mass.

You know the place, lots of interesting guitars. The guys that work there care more about guitars than sales. They'll be able to recommend a nice, wide necked guitar that has a nice low end response without immediately saying "Martin dreadnaught". And they've got time for you no matter how well you play or what price range you're thinking of. Even if that means showing you a less expensive guitar than your budget allows if it's really the best fit for you. Yeah, *that* place.

(asking for a friend. I know the guitar stores on the west coast.)

Many thanks. This will make someone very happy.
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2 recommendations: Acoustic Outfitters in Stratham. NH, and Buckdancer's Choice in Portland, ME. Barring those, maybe in Northampton, MA. I can't think of anywhere in Boston I'd buy a guitar, but I haven't been everywhere. Also, nothing wrong with the Martins...I love mine. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the salespeople say. It only matters that you like what you hear. Play Gibsons, Seagulls, Washburns, and Collings, too. Regardless of sound, price range is the single biggest determinant of what you end up n with. You can have any sound you want, if you pay for it.
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It's a ways out from Boston, but Fretted Instrument Workshop in Amherst can make good recommendations within your budget range. New and used.

Downtown Sounds in Northampton is a more general music store; acoustic and electric guitars, drums, keyboards, school band instruments, et cetera. I've never bought a guitar there, but I've found the staff to be generally pleasant and helpful. It's close enough to Amherst to be worth a stop if your friend decides to make a day trip of it.
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Mr dorkydancer recommends The Music Emporium in Lexington MA
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Low end and wide neck would be Gibson anyway....
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