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I remember a Young Adult Chapter book that I am trying to remember the name of. The premise of the book was that you could achieve perfection by wearing a pickle around your neck, because nothing would be as embarrassing as that so you could do anything. There was a pamphlet that suggested that a boy do this but the pamphlet stressed that you couldn't read ahead in the pamphlet. Anyone?
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Broccoli, not a pickle. It's Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days.
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No, I think I lie. Try Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days

(or what the_blitz said)
(Thanks for reminding me of the book, loved it as a kid!)
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Gotta chime in and agree that it's Be a Perfect Person in Three Days. Fantastic book whose moral - that you cannot be an active person and be perfect - has stuck with me to this day. Hints of Kierkegaard latent in the book. Highly recommended.
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Thank you for asking this question!! I loved that book but completely forgot about it.
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Also agree is is Perfect Person In Just Three Days. First time I knew the answer to one of those "What is this half-remembered book/tv-show from childhood..." type questions from AskMiFi, mostly because I loved the book, and honestly still think about it on a regular basis.
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Great book! Whenever I'm sipping weak tea I think to myself how I'm slowly achieving perfection.
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It's a stalk of broccoli, not a pickle, but the book is Be a Perfect Person in Three Days, as others have mentioned. This was a favorite around our house when my brother and I were little.
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