It's hard to justify a 14-hour round trip drive for lunch.
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Where can I get a Philadelphia-style vegetarian hoagie in Toronto?

It's been almost a year since I left Philly and I really need a proper sandwich. My hoagie of choice was the Veggie Diablo from Primo.

I have a little difficulty articulating what it is exactly that makes a good hoagie so different from subway but it's some combination of a long chewy roll, top quality prepared Italian ingredients, and oil rather than mayo.

I have a car, so anywhere in the GTA is okay, but I'd really like to eat it at home, so places that do take out or delivery are preferred.
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I know your pain. Unfortunately you will need to negotiate ona couple things.

Put togetherness.

I suggest finding a bakery that makes great hoagie rolls. What would be even better is if that bakery was also a deli.

The u need to procure your own sauce..nobody will have it...choose a bottle u can carry in your bag.

As for the finale...its just not going to happen. It will not be put together like you want. Sorry.

Looking it up, your best bets may be:

Brick street
Reggies old fashioned-veggie sandwiches look good.
Banh mi...very cheap...and sometimes they have a veggie option. Try the rose cafe.

Update this thread when u find the holy hoagie...good luck.
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