where to buy blackberry battery in NYC
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I am looking to buy a blackberry battery. Is there are store around New York City that sells this kind of battery? I don't want to order online and prefer to pick it up at a store and avoid shipping fees.
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There are approximately 5 billion cell phone stores in New York. Walk down the street until you see one. Nearly all of them will carry something as common as a Blackberry battery.

Alternatively, look up your carrier on the internet. Find one of your carrier's stores near where you are. Go there. They will have your battery.
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And on your way into the store, stop at the guy hawking Chinese deathtrap batteries on the curb and see if he's got your model covered.
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Yeah, pretty much every shop that sells cell phones will have one. I would probably try J&R or Best Buy if I really didn't know of anywhere else to look.
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We're doomed.
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