What is this bizarre email about?
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I got an email today straight from the X-files. What does it mean?

It is from 233558938299@dysgo.org and consists of a set of 25 images, identical to this message aside from a different numeric subject line. Apparently Reddit dug into it but most of the links they found are down.

Can any aspiring Lone Gunmen help source/decipher it?
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Hmm. I just read through the Reddit thread. The viral marketing for a film angle seemed the most plausible, yeah. Here's the Georgia Sec. of State listing for FBW Films, LLC. The company was dissolved in August, and the domain in question above has gone to private registration (since Reddit started talking about the emails earlier in the month), but that doesn't mean it's not just this William Farris guy or his film co. anyway.
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Or Farris Williams, pardon me.
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Searched google for dysgo.org, and found this; I should just check ask.me 1st. We're getting daily email with 100 pictures, of a conspiracy, woo-woo nature. sender is 12 random numbers@dysgo.org. Subject is 12 random numbers. Annoying.
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