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What music should a New Orleans noob go see this weekend?

I'm heading to New Orleans this weekend with some friends and most of use are NOLA music newbies. I've been looking at the listings on WWOZ and I'm a little overwhelmed. One of my friends wants to see Washboard Chaz on Saturday night, but what else should we see? We'll be in town the nights of 11/22-24. Any particular clubs or bars that we should check out no matter who is playing?
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Looks like Washboard Chaz will be at the Blue Nile on Saturday, and the Blue Nile is on Frenchmen Street, and that ... is full of music. There's a two-block section of Frenchmen (between Decatur and Royal) that's packed with clubs, many of which have no cover on a Saturday night. If you don't enjoy Chaz, well, wander out and find something you do like. It's a great area to get lots of music in a short time - you can easily tour the clubs and find out what you want to listen to and make it back before the set even gets rolling.

Looks like Washboard Chaz doesn't start 'til 7, so hit up The Spotted Cat at 6ish to watch Panorama for a few minutes and grab a quick drink.
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Best answer: Lionel Ferbos plays at Palm Court on Saturdays; he and that bar are icons.

Sunday's can's miss event in the afternoon is Nickel-a-Dance at Maison (508 Frenchmen). Nickel-a-Dance is a long-running Sunday tradition, definitely go.

Keep in mind that there's a home Saints game on Sunday night and everywhere will be crazy. Personally I'd either hit the Howlin Wolf (Warehouse District) for the Hot 8 Brass Band at 9:30 or the Maple Leaf (Riverbend) for Joe Krown at 10 that night.

My choice for Monday would be the Spotted Cat again for the Frenchmen St. Allstars followed by the Jazz Vipers.
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Looking over the WWOZ listings, I'd definitely recommend:

Saturday: Irvin Mayfield w/Los Hombres Calientes, Big Sam's Funky Nation, or Rebirth Brass Band.
Sunday: 504dancingman is really something to see!
Monday: Papa Grows Funk

Make sure you see a brass band, it's like nothing else! But make sure you have some energy because you're gonna do some dancin'!
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Agreeing with komara. I wouldn't even plan it out much -- just wander into a few places on that part of Frenchman Street and you're going to hear some great music (and if you don't, leave and go next door).
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There's also a costume/craft fair on Frenchmen this Saturday, so there might be some street music as well. There's usually live music at BMC and Check Point Charlie's too--both of those are around the corner at Decatur and Esplanade. Oh, and maybe bring a sweater. It's warm in clubs but not always on the street, especially after midnight when the wind blows off the river. It might warm up some by the weekend, but it's cold right now.
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