Four-color postcards?
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Where to have 4-color postcards printed?

I have artwork for 5 x 7 postcards. I want the front side to print in four colors and be glossy. The back of the postcard will print in black only and will not be glossy. I need at least a thousand cards. Does anyone know a good place to have them printed? I would prefer an online printer who specializes in high-quality postcards and similar printed materials. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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I've used a number of times and have been quite pleased with the results.
posted by leslies at 2:54 PM on October 18, 2011 is worth a try...we have had custom postcards printed with them, and they came out very nice.
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I'm a big fan of Forest Printing in Illinois; in fact, I learned about them from Ask Metafilter. They're an old-school real printer, not a snappy Internet outfit. I communicate with them entirely by email and they are quick and responsive (and they appear to be unionized which is a plus, to me).
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I've always been happy with
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Seconding print runner, I have always found them to have the lowest prices, and they have produced good quality stuff with good turnaround time.
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I've been very happy with (and yes, they do have other sizes).
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I've used Modern Postcard in the past, and have been happy with the results.
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