If it smelled as nice as Aveda, that would be a bonus
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I love Aveda's Phomollient Styling Foam, but dang, does it ever run out fast for the price. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.

I have fine, wavy-to-curly hair, and nothing works quite as well on it as this stuff! I love Aveda's whole line of curly-hair products and am usually happy to pay the premium because they smell so good and work so well, but Phomollient just doesn't seem to last me very long at all.

Are there similar products I could buy at a drugstore to get the same effect? I mostly like the foaming aspect of it, which is softer and better-smelling than any mousse I've ever used. I don't want to use a mousse! I do not like mousse. (Unless you have a lead on some kind of amazing mousse, I guess I would accept that answer.)

Alternatively, I've thought about whether I could make my own Phomollient from some kind of hair gel or something, kind of like how there is nothing magic about foaming hand soap. I saved my last Phomollient bottle. Any ideas about what watered-down product might foam up similarly?
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Aura products are knock offs of Aveda products. I've used their mousse and it is indistinguishable from the Aveda phomollient. You can usually get Aura products at discount beauty stores.
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I agree. That stuff is the bomb. There is an Aveeno product that looks very similar - but don't be fooled. I tried to use it for a while, but it was just too greasy for my fine, straight hair. (It does smell nice, though.)
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Oh my goodness, thanks for the Aura lead! Like I said, I don't mind paying Aveda prices on most their products, but I sure wouldn't argue with half-price Confixor, either.
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