These boots are meant for....
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Yet another Halloween costume question: Lady's mid-thigh pleather semi-rounded toes high heeled (not stiletto) boots with lots of buckles and straps and lacing with some studs. Ideas for a centerpiece for a costume for a guy?

At sister's house-warming; one of her friend just bought a pair of pleather mid-thigh high heeled boots with lots of buckles and straps and lacing (not lace, lacing under the straps) and had it with her. Gentle teasing about my having small feet for a guy, compared with my sis. I ended up putting the boots on.

They fit like a glove, and my calves fill it out better than the (girl) owner. They're a little loose on the thighs, but the buckles help. They don't quite come up to the middle of my thighs, though, more like longer lower-leg greaves. They're actually comfortable enough that I could likely last a day in them (and they're *really* warm and the traction is *decent* - might not last into the evening without a break, though. Wow, high heeled footwear is really working on that small muscle on the ventral outside muscle on my shin).

Was offered them as a loan for a Halloween costume.

Question: are there any semi-mainstream/identifiable Halloween costumes that I can build around these boots?

Asian, short dark haired, wirey (eg, not fat at all), not tall.
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I mean sure it's usually thigh-high stockings, but Dr. Frank N. Furter (from Rocky Horror) is the obvious choice.
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Not sure without a picture, but some sort of 'three musketeers' swashbuckler or pirate look? Depends on how serious the heel is, of course.
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You could make a great Captain Sparrow.

Or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.
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Marilyn Manson.
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Edward scissor hands?
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A neo-romantic vampire type.
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Nikki Sixx or Eddie Izzard.
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Any member of KISS. Or perhaps Humungus from the Road Warrior.
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Response by poster: Rocky Horror Picture Show was the first idea; but Dr. Frankenfurter was in fishnets.

The heel is definitely higher than biker-boots (4"?).

Eddie Izzard might work, but I have the completely opposite body type (skinny and toned).

Could totally go mad max transsexual, but I'm really broad along the shoulders.

KISS could work... would need to spend a lot of time in a lot of thrift stores. What kinds of tops (and bottoms!) would you suggest for a KISS costume?

Couldn't pull off a Nikkki Six - even if I knew who he was. Would need to get "asshole" glasses - closest I have are vintage Rayban Aviators (from the '80s), with the thin gold rims.

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Could 23skidoo's Sexy Hitler idea somehow work in conjunction with this?
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Iggy's guitarist James Williamson wore those boots during the Raw Power tour.
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Tyrone Power wears black above the knee (a tiny bit shorter than mid-thigh) boots, although the heels are a bit shorter (riding-boot height) in The Black Swan. Sure his boots are plainer, but the overall costume would be relatively easy. This clip shows the boots, and one version of his costume, but you could also go with the all black and bandana look or the version with the cape.

Otherwise do as suggested above. Just go as a pirate and dress according to your own imagination.
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Best answer: Jareth, the Goblin King.
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This is kind of a cool opportunity, as it stands the "sexy costume" genre on its head, with the male costume being more kinky than expected. Here are some ideas from the simple to the outlandish -

Cenobyte is the usual default for male goth fetish costumes. Mix with cheap vinyl pants and jacket, and some fun monster makeup.

As mentioned above, pirates and highwaymen mix feminine and masculine fashions well for a manly-man-dressed-fancy look.

You could go as a modern interpretation of General Zod.

Vamp it up with helmet, riding pants and a riding jacket as a "naughty equestrian/foxhunter" - maybe a pair of inappropriately long gloves to go with.

Find a drainpipe trousers suit at a vintage clothing store (they'll fit under the boots), and a vinyl or leather tie - go as a "sexy banker." Bonus points for republican party lapel pin.
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Tina Turner in Beyond Thunderdome.
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Go as this General Zod.
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You MUST take this golden opportunity to be Zardoz. Get a chest-hair merkin if you have to.
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Please, please post pictures.
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Response by poster: Haha, Zardoz might be a *little* too much.

I'm leaning towards Jareth the Goblin King. Would need brown pants that would fit under the boots, a white poets shirt, a vest, blonde glam rock wig, maybe a crystal sphere and/or riding crop...
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Best answer: ....but no underwear.
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And of course you'll have to perform the classic song...
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