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Recommend me a video camera to use capturing sports action. I'm looking for a USB camera for use outside that can send live capture to a Win7 machine. It should have a wide auto-focus, software to instantly review the feed. I've reviewed previous Mefi posts, and can't decide whether a web cam, stand-alone Hd camcorder, or something like a Flip or helmet cam would be suitable. Right now the Contour or GoPro are considerations, but I'm unsure of the software side. Price is not really important, but I dont' want to spend $500.
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The best you are going to get for around 500 is either GoPro or Contour. Contour seems to be a step above in terms of adjustments and features.

When you say instant review..does that mean live monitoring to you? Or?

Paired with a teradek CUBE you'd have a sweet live streaming setup with the Contour +.
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GoPro just released a new camera this week. If you can hold out for live streaming for a few months, they're releasing a wifi pac that will stream. The manufacturer's site has more info.
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