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Where can I find good value beginner's fencing classes in NYC?

I'm trying to expand my exercise regimen and I'll be getting back into yoga after an illness. I was thinking about things I might find interesting and thought back to the semester of fencing I took back at school years ago. Now, I'm not kidding myself that I was then or could be that good at it, but I thought it might be fun.

So, does anyone do this and might you be able to suggest a good value for fencing classes? I'm in the West Village and know the very very basics but am a beginner, as I mentioned.
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A lot of the Olympians train at Manhattan Fencing. I'm sure the beginner's classes don't really interact with them, but it would be cool to be in a position to run into them once in a while.
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I fence on the other side of the atlantic, so I don't know personally. However, the folks on the fencing.net forums are a generally helpful bunch and predominantly American. Just don't get into a discussion about rules, unless you want to start World War 3.
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