What shoes would go with this dress?
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What kind of shoes do you think I could wear with this dress?

Hello MeFi fashion advisors! So I bought this dress (top right on the linked page) to wear to work. It's a very curvacious cut and makes me look a bit like Joan out of Mad Men. I'm just not sure what kind of shoes would go with it.

I could get some matching heels, like the model in the photograph, but I think this look would be a bit too smart/formal for my office - our dress code is fairly relaxed, and I don't want to stand out too much. I usually wear boots or flats, but I have tried my existing ones on with the dress and they don't look right - flats look too casual and the boots look too bulky. I do have a nice black patent pair of heels, but can I wear black with a dark navy dress like this? Do you think I should try something completely different, like, I don't know, red or gold or something? (I don't mind looking a bit quirky.) Would it be possible to carry off the dress with flats or should I go for it and wear heels? I guess I want to retain the glamour of the dress without looking like I'm all dressed up for a job interview! Thanks for any suggestions.
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I would get a pair of red pumps. That makes the style work (you should wear pumps with a dress like that, a la Joan) but the red will make it more interesting/less super-formal.
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I would would wear a pair of red-with-white-polka-dots flats. Or just red. Or red with some sort of funky little bow detail. (Disclaimer: I never wear heels of any kind and really like red shoes.) An extremely cursory Zappos search reveals these, which I think are neat.
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I'd probably go with cream heels or flats, but red works, too.
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Consider a heeled loafer.
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Lug soled platform. You're welcome.
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If you want to look business-y then go for nude pumps.

If you want to be a little more quirky go for red or bright yellow. Bows, white stripes, or polka dots would all work well on red or yellow and look fun with that dress.
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Get a low oxford heel. I also think red or a dusty pink are good colour choices (and I'm usually a pink naysayer).
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What about a pair of booties with a bit of a heel? It might make it look a bit more casual and more contemporary.

Something like this or this.
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With a dark navy dress like that, I'd go for purple shoes. Something like the color of these, though not necessarily that style.
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Depending on your own tastes. I'd go a very simple nude platform pump for a conservative work environment or as the suit so lovely and simple a pump in a bright contrasting colour the red would look great. I actually think it looks a bit 1940's style to me so I'd go a retro feel platform pump or an oxford with a heel. I'd also go a rich red suede with it instead of patent, but that's more personal tastes.

I like these

Or a nice loafer/pump look like this. in a navy. For a more conservative look. Or even this.
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it's a classic enough and tailored enough dress that it calls for heels

I spend a lot of time on my feet at work and can't handle high heels every day, so I look for low-heeled shoes like these and these. I'm also a sucker for anything mary jane style.

I think red would look great - classic and retro at the same time.

But yes, to answer your question, you can wear black shoes with a navy dress. Try a couple of different types of tights - maybe black with a pattern? Or super sheer black.
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I like the idea of a cute bootie!
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I would wear dark red, purple, or mustard yellow mary jane-type platform heels with that, probably with charcoal wooly tights.
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Kitten heels in ruby/cranberry/burgundy. Or the high-heeled loafer. I've almost always owned a version of a high-heeled loafer. (My current version is a wedge.)
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I don't think flats are going to work.

I love nude pumps, like these.

I like the idea of wedges - more comfortable than heels. Its a fine line between classy and trashy tho. Maybe these red suede would work for colder months?
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Early early this morning before my hike, I glanced at this question and it read to me, "What shoes would this dress wear?" Which is really the question, isn't it?

"...and I don't want to stand out too much."

Red would be cute, however, a friend of mine from London always tells me when I rock my red pumps, "Red shoes, no knickers!" She's pretty sassy;) But yeah, red might be inappropriate with the curvy nature of this suit for a professional environment. (I used to work in night clubs where that sort of thing was expected, so I am not conservative, BTW.)

The only correct answer here is Mary Jane heels, maybe with a slight platform. Classic silhouette. Flat black, although I LOVE the patent leather. I'll check with the googles...

My favorite Mary Jane's are Gucci. These are what I mean about the silhouette, but mine from a previous collection have no platform and I really really love them.

Here on the Zappos, there are pages and pages of May Janes - all colors and styles! One of them will surely make you thrilled and complete this dress!
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Yes, yes, yes to heels; that dress is too glamorous for flats!

For a polished, work-appropriate look, try nude pumps, slingbacks, or wedges.

For a night out, try off-white mary-janes or bright heels, such as these or these.
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Kitten heels or wedges. A funky style could work really well with that dress.

Mary Janes make it look too dressy for a work environment.
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I know Mary Jane's are fancy. And yet, that suit screams for a demure pair of Mary Jane heels.

If it works together right, you're never over dressed, just well dressed.

Also, the Zappos had heaps of kicky and more casual Mary Jane's available.

That skirt wants a strap on the shoe. Fashion-wise, it is the right answer. In fact, the catalogue stylist got it wrong, but that's because they were selling the suit, not shoes.
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No black shoes; if you wear black shoes, people will assume that you thought either the dress was black or the shoes were and were trying to match, anyway.

No purple shoes! Purple doesn't work with navy. You need contrast. That's why red and nude are good suggestions.

You mentioned boots. These nude bootie-style heels look comfy and classic.

I like these darker red pumps from the same site as your dress, because at first glance they seem conservative, but--well, look close up at the heel. Adds that oomph! I also love the Bandolino's from Zappos that hms71 linked previously. They're dressy, yet that low heel is just right for work.

For a completely different tack, try these slingbacks. Again, simple, lower heel but in a pearl grey, almost silver.
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My SO says these are perfect, but yu might stand out a bit more than you want.
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on Pinterest today I saw a dress very similar to yours with tall gray flat boots, a little distressed. Fabulous. (But not really conservative office wear.)

I'd go for some nude platform pumps.
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Heavens, some of you all like some loud shoes. I second most of the nude suggestions. Of the red ones, the only ones that I really like are the Bandolinos misha recommended - fun but very professional. I definitely think you need at least a little bit of a heel.
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Johnn, I think your SO didn't realize these shoes were intended to be worn at work.

Those are seriously high heels, and sandals are awfully casual for work (they are also REALLY bright yellow!) They are more "look at me" shoes than professional attire.
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it's a pretty saucily-cut dress - very high heels are going to look too sexy for the office, flats would look out of place - the dark red kitten heels that hms71 linked to are just about perfect
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Thank you all for your wonderful expert suggestions, it's been so helpful - I am off to the shops now with stacks of great ideas!
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