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[MusicalEquipmentGeekeryFilter] Can anyone answer my questions about the stage equipment of the band BORIS?


1. Takeshi's and Wata's preamp/amp stacks?

The linked vid is, I think, more-or-less what I saw live. Wikipedia lists: Wata — Orange heads and cabinets, as well as a Matamp head and an Ampeg 810 cabinet; Takeshi uses Sunn Model T amps with Marshall 412 cabinet and an Ampeg SVT II bass amp.

Is Wata running a signal into each Orange amp head? Or is it a preamp/amp? Is there some sort of octave shifter involved in Takeshi's bass sound?

2. Michio Kurihara was often using an EBow; he had also had some sort of console in front of him and I was wondering if the console and ebow were connected?

3. Do they use another PA that they control from stage? At some point, there was crazy reverb on the kick drum that didn't seem to be there before.

Anything else? I'm not so interested in pedal fx but speak of them if you must! (I know you lurve pedal fx!!!) Or links to nifty blogs or whatever 'splainin it all; teh googles, they do not satisfy.

Thanks, and \m/ !!
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Used to be great... looks like they've cashed in a bit... still, might be worth a look?
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MeatLightning, no results for Boris, Takeshi, or Wata.
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i am not musically inclined nor do i know much about musical equipment. i asked my brother who is significantly more knowledgeable and he had the following to say.

Hmm, not sure about the amp but my guess is yes, they are each going to a speaker cab. Orange amps are something I really don't know much about. It should be noted that in this video that Wata has no Matamp head or Ampeg 8x10 cab.

2. I seriously doubt the console in front of him was for the ebow. Not even sure how it could be.

3. I doubt the additional reverb on the kick drum is controlled from the stage, I would bet it is done by their sound guy.

Sorry I can't be more help. I looked it up but didn't get much.

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