What was that old computer game where you're the President of the USA in the not-too-distant future?
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Please help me remember an old computer game. It was a lighthearted kids' adventure/puzzle game. It takes place in the far future and you are the president or possibly the president's advisor. (It wasn't Shadow President). Puzzles involved dolphins, martians and robots.

I might have played this game on an Apple ][ circa 1992. It was not text-based.

In one of the puzzles, I seem to remember the problem being that robots were listening to their radios too loud, and the solution was that they needed to wear headphones. That's the only other detail I remember.
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No title for you, but this might be a good place to start looking.
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My google-fu is strong.
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search string used: "apple ii" game president dolphin robot

(it's the last result on the first page for me, but I don't know if google shows the same results everywhere)

Omitted martians because I figure martians could easily be confused with any other variety of alien.
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You are a god. I am speechless.
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For future generations, and if that link dies, the game was called Oval Office Odyssey.
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After doing some more digging: The game is actually called 2088: An Oval Office Odyssey, and it was part of #15 in the Scholastic Microzine series. Here's the cover of the box. The blurb reads:
The year is 2088, and you are the youngest President in the history of the United States. What are the chances of your winning re-election? It depends on how you solve some difficult problems facing the country. Should the World Series be played on Mars? Should dolphins be forced to go to school? All the decisions are yours.
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