Plone vs. Wordpress CRAZY PANTS Search Engine Discovery
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How can I improve Plone search engine discovery?

I maintain several different sites, sometimes these site post the same thing, like the results of a report with commentary from that site's perspective.

This last week I had a report that 2 sites posted on the same day. One site runs on WP with the Google XML Sitemap Plugin. The other runs Plone.

I track these topics via Google alerts, delivered via RSS to my reader, the WP site showed up the next day in the my reader, the Plone site took over 5 days to show up in the reader. This is not the first time this has happened.


So my question is can any Plone users point me in the direction of getting the Plone site respond like the WP site? Any thoughts on this funkiness? Thanks in advance.
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Google loves XML sitemaps! They make it simple to index.

Add one to your plone?

Also, search engine behavior is pretty much crazypants-bizness-as-usual. Keep up with it by reading Search Engine Land and Matt Cutts.
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