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Where can my band play in Montreal this summer?

We're in Toronto and we've been playing fairly regularly in clubs around here. This summer (anytime in July, early to mid-august) we'd like ot trek out to Montreal and play some shows for fun. Road Trip!

We've got a place to stay already but we don't know the town well enough or really have any connections there. What I'm looking for are contacts we can get in touch with to program some gigs and names of appropriate bars/pubs/clubs that might have us.

Because it will probably matter, our style is of the indie rock-pop variety. Member ages: 18-27
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here and here are a good start for finding help/promoters.
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The Casa del Popolo and its sister venue the Sala Rossa sound like the place for you-- the Casa del Popolo is a small but painfully hip venue that has indie/experimental/etc. shows almost every night, and most of the indie-rock bands that come to town play at the Sala Rossa.
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I second Cas del Popolo / Sala Rossa.
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Unless you want to pay to rent Casa/Salla, though, you almost certainly need to go through a promoter such as Blue Skies Turn Black - see my above links for contact info.

The appropriateness of Casa/Salla also depends on how "indie" you actually are. If you'd prefer to perform in the McGill or Concordia ghettos, where there are lots of drunken fun-times kids, there are many more worthy venues.

Casa is the loveliest little venue in the city, but it's the hang-out of a certain type of peole, and doesn't attract many casual punters.
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Strongly ditto what Marquis said. You need to be a fully-paid-up member of the revolution to get in the door at Casa.

Luckily, there are many more francophone clubs in Montreal than anglo that might fit your bill.
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Find a band similar to you in style/fanbase, go to their website, and take a look at their recent or upcoming tour schedule. Do this for multiple bands and you'll see a pattern.
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