Where to take a dog indoors?
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Where can I take a well-behaved 70 lbs dog and go indoors (like a mall) within a 100-mile radius of Los Angeles? We already go to PetSmart and PetCo.
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My rule of thumb has always been that if a place doesn't serve/carry food, I can probably take my dog there. My dog likes to go the bank, the video store, and the drugstore.
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Check with individual stores, but most Lowes and Home Depots allow dogs. Also, motorcycle and garden shops are usually dog-friendly.
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I wouldn't go so far as to assume that any place that doesn't serve food allows dogs, particularly a larger dog -- definitely second the suggestion to check with individual stores. Dogfriendly.com has city guides for LA and nearby that list stores, malls, etc. that allow dogs.
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I am trying to train my dog to be an assistance dog for me. I call ahead and get the okay from the different stores. When I worked and Michael's Craft Store we'd let dogs come in, but it depends on the management.

Today I took my dog into Tandy Leather. I thought she'd love it but for some reason it freaked her out! I just called ahead and asked, they said it was no problem.

A lot of restaurants that have patio seating will allow dogs even if they aren't service animals, call ahead and ask.
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As a former Santa Monica resident there is a factor that is involved here that you haven't mentioned:

How rich and famous are you?
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Most Sheratons in the US allow dogs to stay in guest rooms, so I bet they'd allow you in the lobby.
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