Good Jacket Gone Bad
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It's fall. I'm cold. My favorite jacket in the world broke and now I need a new one. The problem? The stopped making my favorite jacket in the world. (Shoulda ordered 16 of them…)

The jacket I like is this one. (Well, it was sold in America.)

It is (most important first):
• Men's Medium Tall
• Fleece
• Full zip front
• Sealable breast pocket
• Warm
• Black
• Sealable side pockets

Where can I buy a jacket (in the USA) that meets these specs? Price tag is less than $50.

I would love if the place I buy this from has free return shipping or is a store in Sioux Falls, SD.
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you don't specify what is borken. Take it to a tailor to fix broken zippers, torn pockets, linings etc.
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Response by poster: It was a broken zipper. But, due to an error on my part, I have lost the jacket forever. Otherwise I would have just fixed the zipper. :/
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Duluth Trading has this men's Shoreman's Fleece Jacket for $69.50 and it comes in black.
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Have you considered simply ordering it from the Lands End UK website? Price comes in a little high (£29.50 for the jacket + £12.95 shipping to the US works out to around $66), but if it's the one you know you want, seems like it's worth a shot.
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Have you checked out thrift stores? I've found some really great jackets for everyone in my family at thrift stores. Even my 6'4" 300lb. husband, he wears a XXXLT.
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Yeah - at £29.95 it's currently half price. Buy two!
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I agree - any chance you could order it from the UK, from the website you show? As McCoy Pauley says, it's a bit higher than you've said you want to spend, but given you know it's exactly what you want, it might be worth it! Could order two (or more) while you're at it, which would lower the cost per jacket.

You might also want to look on Ebay. I buy nearly all my clothes on Ebay with great success (supplementing with thrift stores, and buy only underwear new). However I bracket this recommendation with the caveat that Ebay is not for everyone, and it can feel frustratingly like online dating. In other words, going into it with very exacting and particular specifications (as you are) will almost certainly result in leaving empty-handed, although you can occasionally strike it lucky. I just looked on Ebay for you and don't see anything that meets all of your requirements, although if you check back in a week you might be more fortunate. It is relatively time-consuming though, and if you want it soon obviously there's no guarantee anything will come up... Same with thrift stores, plus the hassle of actually physically going to each once or twice a week to check the changing inventory. If you're looking for something specific, it can be very frustrating, although depending on your irritation threshold, it might be worth a shot.

Your best bet would probably be to check out stores with a similar vibe - L.L. Bean would be the most obvious choice, but Cabela might be a good option too. Sierra Trading Post (online store) has tons of brands for good prices, and accepts returns, but often has odd sizes in stock, especially for men.
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On STP, here are a few options: Option 1 and Option 2 (although the pocket situation of both seem uncertain). You could also obviously head into REI or your local outdoorsy store, but my bet is that you'll definitely be paying over $50, even on sale, for North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, etc.
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Sorry to keep commenting - I swear this is my last contribution to this thread! This is a bit over your budget, and seems to have a different texture to the outside than your original fleece, but seems to meet your specifications in all other ways, so might be worth considering. REI has cheaper fleeces but I don't seem to find many that have Tall, and most of their fleeces are well above $50 anyway.
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Practically everything sold by major clothing brands ends up on eBay, often new ("NWT," new with tags) and/or for a reduced price. If the item was popular you may still be able to find it several seasons or even years later. I've replaced items or found the same item in different colors this way, but if you are looking for a definite item, color, and size you do need to be patient and keep running searches.

Also see Patagonia.
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bad grammar: "Practically everything sold by major clothing brands ends up on eBay, "
bad grammer just said what I'd come in here to say -- ebay just has all kinds of things, you never know if/when your ship is going to come in, but with Lands End I'd think it's more "when" your ship comes in rather than "if" -- this jacket will show up.
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