Information regarding Mountain Top Removal
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I'm looking for credible scientific information regarding air pollution relating to mountain top remove
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I did a quick search of Web of Science and didn't find much of anything. The one article I did find looks like it might be somewhat helpful because it's about violations of ESA laws. But when I looked at its references, there wasn't anything directly related to air pollution although many of the references weren't available from Web of Science. It's probably a place to start anyway.

Title: Coal Strip Mining, Mountaintop Removal, and the Distribution of Environmental Violations across the United States, 2002-2008
Author(s): Stretesky Paul B. ; Lynch Michael J.
Source: LANDSCAPE RESEARCH Volume: 36 Issue: 2 Pages: 209-230 Article Number: PII 935076517 DOI: 10.1080/01426397.2010.547572 Published: 2011
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