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How to become a free-lance GMAT tutor in Istanbul

Hello all! Greetings again from Istanbul.

I want to become a GMAT tutor in Istanbul- my job will end soon and I'd like to stick around for a couple extra months but paying rent without a job won't be pretty. I'd like to tutor GMAT to help make ends meet.

I got a 99% score. I in theory don't mind working for a big company but the pay has to be good. I think that there can't be too many GMAT tutors, especially ones who did well on the test and are willing to teach, in this city, so it could be a good opportunity.

Please give me advice on how to tutor the GMAT without the support of a company.

1) How much should I charge
2) How do I break down the material for them
3) What materials should I use
4) etc

I'd also like to offer admissions essays counseling

all advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I'm not sure about what kind of price the Turkish market can pay you. In California GMAT tutors tend to charge between $40 and $100 per hour. I suspect that in Turkey you will make much less than that. However, you should have no problem finding students.

The advantage of working for a tutoring agency is that they have a custom curriculum. You won't have that luxury. You should buy all of the GMAT books you can find: Barron's, Kaplan, and Princeton Review are all good publishers for that kind of thing.

Your big problem will be sample tests. The books come with only a handful of sample tests each. I tutor SAT/ACT/AP students and in my experience they need many more practice tests and problem sets than the books offer. My employer has made custom sample tests and problem drills for the students to use. You might have to do that for yourself unless you can find some commercially-available sample tests to use.
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