Where can I find this early NeXT audio clip?
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Anyone know where I can listen to the Steve Jobs audio clip from the default NeXT welcome email?

Tim Berners-Lee recounts his first experience with the NeXT in a eulogy post for Steve Jobs.
In my default mailbox was an initial welcome multimedia email from Steve, including a Lip Service voice clip about his vision, including "It's not about Personal Computer .. it's about *Interpersonal* Computing".
I'd like to listen to this, if possible.
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Best answer: Note: it's a "multimedia email," so it might be this video (NeXT demo video with Steve, "with what we call *interpersonal* computing"). If you want to rip the audio, try this site. If you want to clip some audio out of that complete video, you can use MP3 Direct Cut (Windows) to non-destructively edit MP3s.

But, looking at this video, I can see that it's possible that there's a multimedia email like the ones demo'd in this video.

And ... I think I found it. Here are SND files and a VOX file. I checked out Welcome-to-the-NeXT-world.snd, and it's Steve saying the following:
Hi, this is Steve Jobs. I want to welcome you to the NeXT World. We think you're going to love this computer. It's got the most advanced applications of any computer shipping today, and it's the first computer designed from scratch to be an *interpersonal* computer, to extend personal computing into the realm of improving group productivity and collaboration, which we think is going to be the most exciting thing happening in desktop computing in the first half of the 90s. So welcome to the NeXT world, and let us know what you think of your new computer.
Not an exact match for the cited quote, but it's probably what TB-L was talking about.
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Response by poster: I just found the same site, flt. I bet that's it. Thanks!
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