More photos on Craigslist please!
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How do you add more than 4 photos on Craigslist post?

Craigslist limits the number of photos you can attach to four. I've seen other posts that have way more photos than that in them. How do you attach more photos in your post? And I don't mean by a URL link but actually have them appear in the post?

PS. I've looked online and it feels like I need to be a computer programmer to figure it out. I am not a computer programmer. I need help figuring it out.

Thanks in advance!!
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Merge several images together into a single picture file, using a graphics editor.
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I've always just uploaded them to Picasa and then used html to make them appear in the post. You can use the img tag and set the dimensions to be the same as the ones you've already uploaded, creating a cohesive look.
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Yeah, you use IMG tags in the body of the post, but it's also against the guidelines and people will flag you for it. Typical advice is to put the four in the ad with a note saying you'll send more pics to people who respond.
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You can put the URL in the post.

1. upload photo to someplace like IMGUR
2. Get the URL of the photo [they may call it the embed code
3. put that in the text of your CL ad

So in this case, you'd have this image, the codes are on this page which will let you link directly to the image, then you'd type something like this

<img src="">

To make it appear in a post. If I do that here, you get this

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[note, if YOU do that here, it won't work because we strip out IMG tags when people post, but any place that allows them will let this work. I've been able to do this on CL with no problems but it may be a thing that they autodelete so if it's not working right and you're sure the code is right, it may be them]
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Nowhere in the craigslist faq does it specify that it's against the guidelines to use IMG tags.

I use them all the time and have never been flagged.
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Another benefit to uploading them elsewhere and inserting your own img tags is that you can have much larger and clearer pics. I've never had a problem with this, although if you come back to re-edit the post, you'll discover CL has kind of munged your HTML.

And damn your eyes for taunting us with your mod superpowers, Jessamyn.
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Craigslist has no problem with IMG tags. In fact, in the craigslist search results, next to each result you'll see "pic" if picture(s) are attached, or "img" if img tag is used to include pictures. If you use both, you'll see both "pic" and "img" next to the search result.

I always include both because the pictures attached via CL are low-res, but the linked IMGs are higher resolution. If you don't have a place to host the images, I'd use a free image hosting account like photobucket.
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I'm not a regular Craigslist poster, but I have been reading the Flag Help Forum for several months. (For my own amusement. Watching dopes get dope slapped is highly entertaining. (Yes, I am an evil person.))

The folklore there (It's a user forum, with no or very limited Craigslist staff participation.) is that people do flag posts for including external images. More and larger pictures increase the risk. Using the anchor tag rather than the image tag also increases the risk.
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