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What should we do on our Honeymoon in Chicago, last week in October?

Naturally I have the guide books and all of that, but I am more looking for events that are going on Oct 23-27th or anything I won't find in any guidebook.
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Places to look for things going on in town: Gapersblock.com, Chicago Reader, Timeout Chicago. MetroMix sometimes has items.

You can also check the local theatre schedule (broadway, Stepphenwolf, etc).

If you give some idea of your interests, folks could give more specific suggestions.
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Best answer: If you've got a car you might drive north up to Wilmette and check out the Baha'i temple and the changing leaves. It's a very pretty drive through there. If the weather's nice keep going up to the Botanic Garden.

If you've got student IDs you can get cheap tickets to most anything. Go see the Orchestra !

I'm sure you've seen all the restaurant recommendations, but let me re-recommend Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder (it's classier than the name suggests.) It's intimate, and has tasty, unique food. When we go, we get there at 5-5:30 and never have to wait, but by the time we leave the line is out the door. That would fit well with a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo (with now-functional nature boardwalk) and/or Lincoln Park Conservatory beforehand (bonus: both are free.)
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it's the midwest so how about some pumpkin or apple picking. farms outside the city offer this... including hay ride, apple cider, etc.
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So much depends on your interests and on the weather-- which could be lovely and outdoorsy that weekend, or else not so much. When my family come into town, and it's nice, we need a whole day or more just for the Art Institute, Millennium Park and walking the lakefront. Also completely agree with taking a drive north, whether for sights along the north shore or the farms. I won't go into the whole architecture thing, because if you are interested, you will already know about most of that.

Both Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Reader will have a good list of activities for the week; you can check them online before you leave. For food, check out LTH.

Happy honeymoon!
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Oh, if you drink, go to The Violet Hour.
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If you drink beer, go to the Map Room.

(Actually there's a ton of good beer bars and breweries in the city worth visiting. If you're interested we can make a list.)
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Here is something I'm pretty sure you won't read anywhere, and excellent if the weather is nice. Drive or take the Metra (really easy and fun) to a north shore suburb and go to the beach. I suggest Glencoe, which is not too far north but looks like a little resort town. The beach is a couple of blocks from the train station and has a nice park above it. Get a picnic lunch from Foodstuffs, a deli with nosebleed prices but very good salads, sandwiches etc. Eat in the park and walk down to the beach. You will not be swimming (unless you are nuts) but the lake looks beautiful in the fall. If you are doing the north shore architecture, this fits in really nicely.
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The Botanic Garden is beautiful this time of year. Looks like they'll have Halloween family activities that weekend.

It's in plenty of guidebooks, but the Chicago Architecture Foundation's boat tours are excellent. If you're into weird scientific instruments, check out the Museum of Surgical Science; it also has a small gallery of medically themed art exhibitions.
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Best answer: Theatre. This town has the best theatre scene in the world. Don't go to the Broadway in Chicago shows, go to the tiny storefronts. New Leaf Theatre is a personal favorite, though I haven't seen Burying Miss America yet. Hell in a Handbag has high camp down to a science. If you follow BibiRose's advice you can go to Writers Theatre which has been winning awards right, left, and center. There current show is reviewed here. There is over 200 producing companies in the city and you can find and watch amazing shows with 30 other people that you couldn't find anywhere else.
(full disclosure, I moved here for the theatre scene and have worked with at least one person in everyone of the shows I've mentioned.) This city is the best.
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Go see one of the many excellent Chicago Humanities Festival events. They're stellar this year.
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it's the midwest so how about some pumpkin or apple picking. farms outside the city offer this... including hay ride, apple cider, etc.

If you decide to do this you might want to consider Bengston's Pumpkin Farm, about a forty minute drive from downtown. They're only open from maybe late September until Halloween each year. I worked there one season and it has all the pumpkin farm silliness you would expect from such a place -- corn maze, hayrides, funnel cakes, etc.
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