Rogue It Up!
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Please help me construct a pretty decent Movie!Rogue costume in the weeks to come before Halloween!

My boyfriend has his heart set on being either Gambit or Wolverine, and I'll make a pretty damn good Rogue, but I am by no means an expert on her character and want to do right by it. We're trying to find legit sources for custom made costumes and so far everything is from Singapore and I'm just a little concerned that regardless of the source, the sites we've found just aren't legit. Dropping $300 for something that might never get to me is just not an option.

I have a few options from accurate to least accurate:

Are the first two sites legit, and if not, what could I do with that last catsuit that could help me look like this for not too much $$? Any other custom costume makers that might fit the bill?
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If you want to be rogue the most important part of the costume is gloves (which, if you're going for authenticity, you have to keep on all night). Second would be the blond streak. What is your boyfriend wearing? Throughout the years the x-men have had a lot of different uniforms. You should pick something that matches what he's wearing. Unless I missed it, Gambit wasn't in the recent trilogy (and in wolverine origins he wasn't an x-man obviously) and if he's going as wolverine in jeans and a biker jacket (and a lot of gel heh) then do rogue in her 'civies' - for most of the recent films, rogue is a student and wears normal clothes.

If you've got your heart set on the catsuit then I'd add opera gloves (in the pics they look to be suede or velvet) and an xmen belt buckle plus the hair streak.
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I've ordered items from other countries and haven't had an issue, but I found websites that reviewed the company or knew someone who had used them before.

I found one maker of custom made costumes on ebay, who goes by the name of shjimmy10 with 100% positive feedback:
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Having ordered costumes from overseas, I can tell you that they take longer to arrive than they should, even when you pay an $50 for "express shipping." It's a bit late to order something and get it in time for Halloween. Better to put it together yourself.
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