How should I elevate my flatscreen TV?
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I'm looking for a nice, minimal way to elevate my flatscreen TV (38"). I like the shelf idea (like this), but want to make sure it's a sturdy option that won't rip out the drywall. Any experience with these? If not, any recommendation for a handsome TV stand?

So far all the ones I've found on Amazon are cheap particle board with the same metal hardware. Too many look like they're from Office Depot. At the same time, some of the more expensive designs look a little pretentious for my living room.

Something in-between like this or this might work...

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Why not a wall mount screwed into the studs? Our monitors are all on swing out wall mounts, it securely anchors them in case of earthquake, there's minimal additional mounting hardware, and pretty much any flatscreen has standard mounting holes for wall mounts.
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Response by poster: Hmm. I think I just thought it would be more useful to have a combo wall-mount + shelves in case I wanted to put DVDs in there or something. I also just like the look.
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That is probably one of the better shelving ideas for flat TVs I've seen, and definitely the best floating shelf, the likes of which usually look like prop rejects from a Teletubbies production.
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Then put a standard wall mount behind the TV and wall-mount a shelving unit below it.
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