Best thank-you favor?
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My company sells a premium nutritional supplement product targeted to middle-aged women via our web site. I would like to include a "thank you favor" in the box when it is shipped to the customer. Please recommend what you think would work here!

Ideally it would be a mini-chocolate bar with our logo on it. But melting is not an option. Nothing is as good as chocolate so what would be second-best?
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How about a small sample of your most popular flavor?

As it's the most popular, it'll be the most likely to please, and there are possible efficiencies of scale that can help you out, too.
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Additional detail: The product is capsules, in a sealed bottle.
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A small pill box with your logo on it.
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How about a coupon for another bottle for free? Or is that too market-y?
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Given your market and product, the first thing I thought of was promotional bath salts and the like. Looks like there are lots of spa-type small promotional, logo-printable items out there--- Google "promotional bath (or spa) products". I also found this pack of ten sheets of soap that can be put in a wallet or purse, which is a pretty neat giveaway (they have other styles too).
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Since you're promoting health, what about a little bottle of antibacterial gel? I used to get those all the time from pharm reps.
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Aromatherapy oils, with or without a diffuser?
Scented candles?
Mini pots of moisturizing cream?
M&Ms with your logo?
Herbal lip balm?
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M&M's with your company name or logo. They'll melt in their mouths, not in the mail.
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Seconding the fish's - I love the idea of a pill box with your logo - something like this would be practical, not something that they already have a million of, and an opportunity to remind them of your company name.
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Lip balm! You can never have too much. I got a promotional one from Luna Bar, that was flavored like a Luna Bar and I loved it.
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This may seem off the wall but the first thing I thought of was those jar openers which are a flat piece of rubber (silicone?) with a slightly nubby texture. I'm in your target audience and every time I see those as a giveaway I make sure to get one.
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Pill container - exceedingly useful.

Another idea, a coffee sleeve.
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