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Last night, I broke my foot. I need to find alternative methods of exercising to keep in shape.

I'm a very poor eater, but I'm usually so active it doesn't matter. I run about 30 miles a week, bike maybe 20-50 miles, swim once a week, and play raquetball and lift weights. What are exercises that I can do? I have a cast for 4 weeks, I must remain non-load-bearing for that time as well. All I can think of is upper body weight lifting, which I don't think is going to keep me in good shape and burn off too many excess calories.
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Rowing machine? (Although you might end up bulking your non-broken foot too much)
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Well, probably the least stressful on the feet is a UBE- Upper Body Ergometer.

I'd up my swimming. Additionally, it's possible to ride a bike with a single foot...

Realistically, you maybe should decrease some of your activity. It's easy to over do exercise and forget that your body needs 2 days off a week.
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You could wave your arms artistically in time with the music.
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Use crutches! Those puppies are not as easy as they look.
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When I incurred a stress fracture in my fifth metatarsal -- as mentioned above -- swimming was recommended by the podiatrist I saw. I love the rowing machine, but it was too painful to use for at least a month. I also still did weights on any and most every Cybex machine that did not require direct use of my foot.
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One thing I would mention is that your GP (or the doctor who treated you last night) might be able to give you some advice. There might be exercises that in theory would work, but with your particular injury, might not be effective or could even make it worse.

I'd give your doctor(s) a call and ask them about exercise. They would be able to give you the best advice, knowing the particulars of your situation.

Good luck and get better!
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Aside from swimming, you might want to try some pilates style excercises. Anything that works your midsection (but you might want to weight your other ankle so you don't strain your back.)
When I broke my foot a few years ago, I found a dusty ol' Callanetics tape that proved to be a real boon to recovery- If you can get past the campiness of the production, the low-impact excercises are pretty good.
Take care of yourself, and take some time to eat better.
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