Cheap cigars?
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Can anyone recommend a reasonably good (or even decent) cigar that costs a dollar or less? This is a "settle-a-bet" question. Many thanks in advance. Lustra
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Arturo Fuente Curly Heads might still be less than a dollar. You can try checking here but I wouldn't give it much hope.
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Dutch Masters. Exactly a buck from my local convenience stores, and while we sure ain't talking Romeo Y Julieta here, they're OK.
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Curly Heads are almost two bucks, though I sometimes see them for about $1.50. Does it have to be a certain size? Hand made? Something like Macanudo Ascots might be found for $10 for a tin of 10. It's a real cigar, just kinda small.
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Are Garcia Vegas under a dollar?
In my experience, any cigar that costs less than a dollar is unsmokable. They tend to be sold at convenience stores for the exclusive purpose of being turned into blunts (opened and refilled with pot).
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No, such a beat does not exist, at least in the US. I bet you can get a great cigar for a buck in Honduras.
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What happens with "test" Matt? I see it on preview, but not on the regular thread view.
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By the way, that is "beast" not "beat." Even a spell checker misses that blunder.
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I searched for a link to the cheap cigars I know my old man smokes, and wouldn't you know it, I found a posting of his on a submariner forum, where he writes:

[tew's dad]
The cigar I smoke every day: "Mr B" by PALICIO (7.50 x 45) Maduro wrapper 20 for $9.95. (Machine made, but it keeps me from going broke...)
[/tew's dad]

I think they smell unpleasant, but he's been smoking them for years with no obvious ill effects.
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Best answer: You can get a bundle of cigars that would, in effect, cost around $1 each. When I go to New York city, I get a bundle of Cohiba Robusto imitations from JR cigars. I don't know exactly what's in 'em, but they taste pretty good. Here's a direct link to JR's site for the Robustos. $19.95 for 20, which makes them less than $1 each.
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It was years ago, but my Dad used to be pretty happy with special deals he would get from Thompson Cigars

They will often have some "overstock special" on one of their "own brand" handrolled cigars - for example, here is a $0.79 cent cigar. Of course, you gotta buy 100 of 'em
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Response by poster: Thanks all, for these tips on visiting the Dark Side of cigar smoking.

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Another vote for the JR Cohibas. Got a bundle based on the recc. here, and I think they're totally ace as an everyday cigar. Esp. for a buck per. Crazy cheap.

JR also appear to have lots of great deals in association with their purchases. Got 5 nice "JR Alternative Excalibur Prensados Maduros" free with my bundle (including free shipping on the freebie). Very tasty, those.
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