Good beginning guide to midi
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I'm looking for a good up to date guide on how to use midi for music making, either in book form, or something online. Bonus points if it includes information about working ipods/pads into the mix.
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What do you mean, exactly? Midi is just a protocol to transfer note information between devices and programs.
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Midi 101 by Tweakheadz

I've found this useful from a complete beginner's perspective, and the Midi Basics pages linked to it (scroll down to bottom of page) provide further info.
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What do you mean, exactly?

I have hardware that can accept midi info (Korg Kaossilator Pro, MicroSampler, Boss Sampler) and software that can send out midi data (FL Studio). For example, I'd like FL Studio to be able to control the Kaossilator Pro.
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If those devices have USB outputs, it's fairly plug-and-play.

I haven't used Fruity Loops, but for Ableton Live, midi mapping for input is really easy. You enter midi mapping mode, click on the control you want to map, then twiddle the knob you want to use to control it on your hardware.

I would just follow the instructions here.

You don't really need to know that much about how midi works these days to set it up, there are probably going to be tutorials on youtube for all your specific devices, too.
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iOS software, not ipad native yet but it's coming (and it'd work fine blown up, I'd say).

It is an astonishing piece of kit that hits ludicrously far above its $15 price. I believe you can hook it to a MIDI controller with an extra connector, and it's straightforward to extract MIDI data.
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