United Artists theme music?
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I'm looking for a clip (.mp3, .wav, .ra) of a particular bit of United Artists theme music.

UA seems to change their theme music quite frequently. The particular clip in question I remember hearing on TV when I was 10 or 11 years old (so, early-80's). It introduced a feature film that was not, I'm pretty sure, a James Bond film.

The clip began with a short single horn note, joined by another, and then a rapid series of ascending string runs that soon swelled into what I can best describe as orchestral cacophony. From this, a 5 note theme emerged, unifying the orchestra. Even at the time I remember thinking, what a cool sounding theme, as well as being sort of symbolic of the whole "United Artists" idea.

My Google skills have failed me. Can any of you intrepids down track a clip of this? I have no urgent needs or plans for this; I just want to hear it again.
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Have you tried searching for an archive of all UA films from that time period as a way of narrowing a search? I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Is this a 'Rosebud' type of thing or just esoteric interest?
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jraf.org has stuff like this, when it's up [it's not right now]. So also, if I recall correctly, does The Closing Logo Group.
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I found this:

Publisher(s): EMI U CATALOG INC. (ASCAP)

[This dramatic logo used only for Feature Films, begins with a low pedal point over which five sustained piano notes are heard (Harnell is a pianist); and then an orchesetral tutti sweeps into a nice broad statement. One of the better logos ever written in my humble opinion. It was apparently introduced in 1982.]

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