That's a lotta for salada!
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Anyone know where to buy Salada tea in NYC?

Anyone know where to buy Salada tea in New York City? Original/black tea needed.

Theater district or UWS is easiest for me. Failing that - online? Amazon wants over $20 for 48 packets!
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Is the Amazon price actually for 6 (or more) boxes of 48 tea bags, perhaps?
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I'm originally from the east coast and haven't heard that brand name for a long time but your question just gave me a flashback to an old east coast Red Rose tea commercial where a bunch of monkeys were sitting around in monocles drinking tea .

Heres your link to salada tea on amazon . 120 bags for $16.55. Only one left so better order it now.
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I believe that I've seen it here. If you can't find it at a reasonable price there, pls memail me and I'll see what I can do from here (I'm in Canada, SW Ont to be exact).
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