Batch cropping/updating using MAC, in Photoshop?
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Batch cropping/updating using MAC, in Photoshop?


We had an old catalog we scanned in page by page - since we do not have the original artwork from when it was printed. Each page is a hi-res JPG right now.

Since the pages were back-to-back, half of them have 3 holes on the left side and the other half are on the right side of the page because they were in a notebook.

Goal: Make it like an e-book catalog where you can see 2 pages like a book, side by side, on the computer. To send to customers.

1. We need all the pages to be cropped in the same exact spots (since they were all scanned in the same way).

2. Update a small part on the bottom of the pages with new text - on top of existing.

Does not HAVE to be with photoshop. Preferably on a mac.

If you think we should automate it/use scripts then any details would be appreciated!

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Yep, Scripts /actions is the way to go in Photoshop.
The short explanation is:
You open one of the photos you'd like to edit, for ex, a left page photo.
In your "action" palette (or scripts, depending on which version you use), at the bottom of the palette, you can create a new script/action. (i"ll just use the word script from now on, for clarity, but they are interchangeable.)
When you create a new script, it's already automatically in " record " mode, and will record all the actions you do on your image, until you manually stop it. You can then " replay" this set of actions onto other, similar images ( let's say a folder, containing all your "left pages").
So now that you have your new script on " record" perform all the steps you need to do to properly crop the image, then save, then stop the recording on the script.
To automate, go to file>automate>batch, and run the script you just created on all the other images that you need to edit.
You will probably need a left page script, a right page script, and then a script that glues left+right pages together in one larger image.

Lots of handy tutorials online and on Adobe exchange.
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On most OSes you might use ImageMagick or a derivative for scripting of this. The Wikipedia article says that it works on OS X.
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(Scripting from a command line, that is, rather than in the application itself like PardonMyFrench describes.)
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I'd just import them into a facing-page layout in InDesign and export a PDF. Shouldn't take too long.

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