Please help me name my property management company.
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I'm starting a property management company. Everything is ready to go - except the name!

I am a licensed agent, have three years of experience working for a company as office manager, agent and consultant. I have a lawyer and I know what I am getting into. I feel like I'm in a good situation here. The only problem I have is the name.

I want a name that sounds a little different - most PM companies in this area are initials.

I've also been advised that it's good to have a name as early in the alphabet as possible - so that your name comes up first on alphabetized lists. I'm not sure how relevant that is anymore with the internet.

One of the problems that people have with PM companies is they are hard to get a hold of - don't answer phone or email. I do, and this is why I thought about using the term Access.

I want people to know that I will manage in the general area, not just in the city of Syracuse. The terms would be CNY (central NY) or Upstate, but there's already several PM companies using those terms.

These are some of the ones I'm thinking of:

315 Access Property Management (315 is the area code here)

Access Syracuse Property Management

Clyde Property Management (my grandfather's name)

If you see a name that has Syracuse in it, would it make you think that the company only manages Syracuse properties?

Any other suggestions for names or things to think about when naming a company would be welcome.

Thank you hive mind!
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Don't put Syracuse in if you want more general business.

"Access Property Management" sounds great. So does "Able Property Management" which comes a bit earlier in the alphabet.
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Access Property Management sounds great. You give residents access to places to live. You give owners access to rental income. You are accessible to both parties if there is an issue.
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Without being Syracuse specific, something else like Orange or Niagara or Oneida may work if you wanted to have a regional sounding name.
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I'd go with Accessible Property Management, as it is more descriptive. Access Property Management makes me think you create outdated databases.
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Absolutely Adept Property Control
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Make sure the name you pick is short and that the domain name is available. In fact, pick the name based upon a suitable domain name. Also make sure to register the name you've chosen on twitter.
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Prompt Property Mgmt or CNY Prompt Property Mgmt
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What service do you provide that sets you apart? Better Way Property Management? Efficient, Resourceful Property Management? Able and Watchful PM? For naming, marketing and launching a business, it really helps to know what it is you are selling. If 315 is anything like 207 (Maine has only 1 area code), then it could be a good name. 315 Property Management - don't numbers come 1st in alphabetical listings?
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Response by poster: Thank you so much for all the feedback. I like Access Property Management the best. The only problem is there are so many companies called that throughout the US. Like pwally said, I'm hoping to have a url that I can register.

I had thought about Accessible Property Management but I think it's a lot harder for people to spell on a url.
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Response by poster: The Syracuse area pretty much only has one area code - 315. In fact, a lot of people here don't use an area code on phone numbers in advertising.

When I first came to Syracuse after living in California and Toronto I was shocked when I saw a real estate sign with no area code on the phone number. I felt like I had gone back in time to the early 80s. So that is definitely an option, as the 315 area code pretty much covers the areas I would service.
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I have a friend who is a copywriter but also specializes in company naming and taglines. I'd be happy to leave her info here for you to use if you are interested. She's fantastic.
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