NOT Robyn Hitchcock
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Late 80's cover of More Than This......male singer, possibly acoustic, but not Robyn Hitchcock.

Didn't find it on the Wikipedia list of covers. Didn't find it on iTunes.

I had it on a mix tape in, probably, '88. Do you know who it was?
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To answer this, we're presuming you mean that the original is by Roxy Music, yes?
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Could it be Tim Finn? He, too, is a late 80s crooner and Split Enz toured with Roxy Music. I googled, but couldn't find anything.
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Might it have been Brian Ferry? He kept the song in his repertoire long after he left Roxy Music.
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Bryan, even?
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I give up, and I have 80s music creds. In consolation, here's an interesting cover.
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Doh, male singer. Ignore me.
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Bryan Ferry
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Bill Murray sings it during a karaoke scene in the movie Lost in Translation.
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