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Is there a way to easily export the content from an entire Facebook page?

Working on a local history project and would like to pull a full page so I can search it as an archive without having to deal with the wonkiness of the active FB interface. Would appreciate any ideas!
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If it's a page you own (or are admin of) I think you can do it via these instructions.

If you don't have admin access, I don't think there's a way.
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A brute force method might be to keep clicking "Older posts" at the bottom until you've gone as far back as you like, then save the page.
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Response by poster: That was my backup plan, chazlarson, and I guess that's what I'll just have to plan on. How would you recommend saving the page so its' text-searchable?
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I think if you use your browser's Save option you'll end up with searchable HTML. If you really don't care about the formatting, you could just select all-copy-paste into notepad.

I tried printing to PDF using CutePDFWriter, but the resultant PDF was not searchable. Maybe other print-to-PDF drivers are different.
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