Where in NYC can I watch today's USC-Arizona game, aside from the two schools' official alumni bars?
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Where in NYC can I watch today's USC-Arizona -- aside from the "official" sports bars of the two schools' alumni groups?

I live in New York City and I'm trying to watch today's USC Trojans-Arizona Wildcats game at 3:30 Eastern. We're going to a nice dinner and the theater directly from watching the game, so we'll be dressed up and don't want to sweat and get smushed in Highland Park with the other USC fans.

The game is on Fox Sports West, which is barely carried out here, and it's between two unranked teams, which means there's little interest.

Can I just walk into any sports bar and assume 1) they'll change the channel for me and 2) that they can even get the game at all? Or are there other USC or Arizona hangouts in the city that will definitely be carrying the game, but are more low-key than the usual alumni group craziness (which I love, but not today)?

Or does anyone know of a bar that simply carries everything, no matter how unimportant the game or teams?

Thanks for your help.
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Just found out it's actually airing on the MSG channel, which I get at home. So that works.

If anyone knows of other Pac-12 bars in NYC, I'd still love to hear about them. But the emergency is over. :-)
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I asked a similar question last year. I didn't get a ton of responses, but I ended up going to Standings that weekend and it worked out pretty well. If I remember correctly, I do think it was a Cal bar, but they showed lots of other games.
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