good looking filing cabinets?
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Is there such a thing as a nice-looking filing cabinet?

We need two, two-drawer filing cabinets (both drawers should be able to hold files). This one from the Container Store would be fine, except for the non-colorful colors. Red would be ideal. This red one from CB2 is the right color, but lacks the two drawers. This red, two-drawer one from BlueDot is $900, way, way more than I'm willing to pay for a filing cabinet.
The only idea I can come up with to (back)order the white ones from the Container Stores and paint them red.
Any other solutions I'm not seeing? Do you know where to get colorful two-drawer filing cabinets? We could go the thrift-store and decoupage route, but: 1) We live on the 4th floor and delivery is a must or I have to be able to carry them up by my self 2) I am not crafty and 3) We are so concerned/paranoid about bed bugs that we limit our second-hand purchases these days.
It has to be two-drawer because they'll sit under a windowsill that is our access to the fire escape.
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You can buy a high-quality two-drawer filing cabinet on craigslist for cheap. I just bought a very high-quality model for my wife for $10. If you can carry a couple bags of groceries up the stairs, you can carry this thing. Worst case, you carry up the three components separately.

As to bed-bugs, it's a steel box with no inaccessible nooks or crannies. You should be able to douse it with poison very easily if required before bringing it in.

Spray-painting it is a pretty straight-forward process, but then I'm not in NYC; I have a garage in which to do that.
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You could easily buy a blah one and have it powdercoated to any color you like.

To carry it upstairs take the drawers out, carry each piece individually, rest a few minutes between each floor.
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Go to Bisley in Brooklyn

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Spray paint works great on file cabinets. I just did one with an epoxy paint since I was looking for a true white cabinet to match built ins. $30 from a surplus store rather than $300 new.
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Living on the fourth floor, you may want to invest in a small folding hand truck -- you can get them new between around $30-50, and used even less. They won't carry a big appliance, but will handle your typical household load of boxes.

But yes, the file drawers come out. I can't tell you how many loaded file cabinets I have moved just by carrying the drawers. Empty, they're simply awkward.
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Good-looking filing cabinets? Definitely!

Fellow MeFite (and colleague), Jeri, has a popular organizing blog where she identifies intriguing products and resources. She's got quite a few different posts with a wide variety of attractive filing cabinets (and benches, and ottomans), but I think you might especially want to peek at #8 on this post: File with Style: Nine File Cabinets to Ogle, and follow to the various colorful two-drawer options.

I particularly remember a wide variety of unusual color selections, including a Red Barron Red that sounds like your style (and Sweet Lilac I crave for myself).
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Lots of companies make decorative wooden file cabinets - like these.
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