Help me find this settee
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I want to buy this tufted corner bench. I cannot find it anywhere.

Unfortunately, BHG did not leave any clues as to where it can be purchased.

Anyone out there have the magical power to figure out where it's from?
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Is price an issue? Building such a thing would not be that terrible an ordeal, or you could always buy a similar piece of furniture and have it re-upholstered with tufting like that.
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It looks custom. A lot of corner furniture, especially built into a nook, is custom.
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I guess it's called a banquette. (?)

A similar piece of furniture would definitely suffice but I'm not coming up with anything by searching corner nook, corner bench, tufted settee etc. etc. etc.

The only reason I don't think it's custom is because it seems to match the table and chair pretty well.
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I haven't checked myself, but did you try looking at Ballard Designs? That's got their "vibe"...
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Write to these people?

Fourth picture down on the left in the series of photos on the right.
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I agree--that's probably a custom corner banquette. You may want to find a similar banquette and have it reupholstered. Or...

Here's a settee from Robin Bruce (Farrow) that is similar but not a corner piece.

Also Cisco Brothers Goodman Banquette (halfway down the page)

Nadia Sofa

Without the tufting, this is similar
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It probably matches so well because it was custom. The odds that lots of people are going to have need for a corner bench of that type that meets their exact special nook are very low. In fact, probably nil. So, I think it is custom. You could have one built or, if you're handy, you could diy an approximate (though probably not nearly as luxurious or durable) on your own.
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More info on the designer here. Scroll down to see the exact same piece, only taken from a different angle than the BHG's photo (note the painting on the wall). It may indeed be custom.
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Ballard Design has them, and other furniture with custom upholstery options.
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