Where to buy "manga folders"?
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Where can I find folders with manga designs?

Slightly odd request, possibly.

I have a couple of plastic A4 "wallets" / "folders" (I'm not sure what to call them) with cute images from manga / anime. I bought one in Akihabara, Tokyo and the other in Japantown, San Francisco.

Problem is, I want to buy more. I can't find anything similar online and I am obviously not flying out to Tokyo or SF just to do so! I suspect my searching is impeded by the fact that I don't know what the proper term for the things I am looking for is.

Does anyone know where I can buy such folders in the UK, preferably online, but physical shops in and around London are also fine.
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The stationery section of Yes Style is what you need!

I got good results searching for 'Folder' and/or 'A4' etc
posted by Chorus at 3:03 PM on September 28, 2011

I've seen them called "plastic file folder". There are plenty with San-x characters in Amazon.co.uk.
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You might find something you like in Animenation's "stationary" (ugh) section.
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The term you're looking for is clear file.
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Bleh, and that should have come out as a link, but didn't for some reason. So I'll try again.
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