I need my nails buffed and my mind buzzzed.
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I am looking for a nail salon in Manhattan or Brooklyn (Brooklyn is preferred) that is affordable, clean and serves wine while we get our nails done. Ideally it would charge under $60 for a mani/pedi.
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The wine part is tripping me up, mixed with the affordable part. Otherwise I'd call Bliss -- I think the one in the W hotel wil serve wine.
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Dashing Diva is a scrupulously hygiene-oriented chain with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. On certain nights (I think Fridays and Saturdays?) they have free cocktails, and I've definitely been there on evenings when bachelorette/birthday parties have taken over the pedicure area with a few BYO bottles, though you should probably call first to confirm.
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Wait, I don't think there's a salon I know of that would object to your BYOB, and accoutrements! Dashing Divas are great! There's also Pinkys all over the place, and Bloomies, and All Seasons on 95th and Broadway.
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I have never, ever seen a BYOB scenario outside of a planned party at a mani/pedi salon. Not saying it's not possible, but I'd definitely call before bellying up with some brew.
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What?! Oooh, you'd be surprised! I'll do the negotiating!
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thinkpiece, I'm definitely curious now...
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Well, me and my posse recently (a year ago-ish) comandeered the Bliss on 7th and 23rd (?) at 8:30 on a Thursday night -- 7 women who had been celebrating elsewhere -- for an impromptu mani/pedi party. One of us (me!) ran out for 4 bottles of champagne and plastic champagne glasses. We overtook the salon (which was relatively empty), popped the corks and settled in. Not even a blink! But we did tip very well when we left.
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