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I used to, very effectively, market my website by leaving my url under my comments (My comments were always relevant.), but most sites have disabled that feature. What's another effective way to market websites?
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Were you leaving the URL for link-building purposes? You might want to take a look at this site:

I honestly haven't read it in a while, but this guy used to post all kinds of good info on effective link-building (mainly with Google in mind). He might plug products for friends of his every now and again, but other than that the info was always free.
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Not only have most sites disabled that feature, but many sites tag them with nofollow. Also, they tend to receive less google juice these days.
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Best answer: There are plenty of forums and blogs that still allow you to leave a link as part of your signature - maybe search them out?

As others have noted, most of these sites mark these links as "no-follow", so, theoretically this will not help your site's Google ranking (although our resident SEO expert suspects that leaving comments on blogs is better than traditional linkbuilding via directory listings, which has done bugger all for our clients over the past six months), although it seems like you are trying to get people to click on your link to arrive at your site.

I'm not sure what you sell, but "content marketing" is a big way to get traffic to your site. Basically:

- research keywords people are using to search for your product
- create *quality* blog posts that incorporate those keywords (but don't overuse the keywords - when in doubt, quality trumps SEO)
- make sure your blog posts are optimized for SEO (things like title, meta-description, tags, etc)

Ideally you'll show up in search results, and people will navigate to your site. Your success really depends on how competitive the keywords are (hint: go long tail) and how well your site is optimized compared to competitors.

You can use Facebook to promote these blog posts, and drive traffic to your site. This requires a lot of community building, though. Twitter can do the same thing as well.

Try creating YouTube videos using your keywords.

Basically, driving traffic to your site takes mulitple tactics across different platforms.
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I don't think I've seen a blog that didn't allow you to add your URL to the comments. The URL field is in the default template of every Wordpress theme I've ever worked with. Something like Discus doesn't show the URL with the blog post, but it is there in your profile if they click through. Google may ignore the link, but people don't. If you are leaving interesting comments some people will be curious about who you are and click through to check you out.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the replies! If it helps, I "sell" boots, shoes, paparazzi videos, and a variety of miscellaneous products. And oh yeah, my novel.
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