I'm trying to rework my (largely) notional record label website into more of a free frequently updating mp3 blog thing.
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I'm trying to rework my (largely) notional record label website into more of a free frequently updating mp3 blog thing.

I already have hosting and a site w/existing architecture, so I don't really want/need to do a blogspot/blogger etc. thing. Mostly I just want to change it to a scrolling blog format where I can easily upload new tunes as I finish them, and perhaps art/photos as well, with an easily accessible mp3-only archive too. I am competent w/photoshop and have a good eye for design as well as some very basic HTML skills, but I tried to get this going myself with "Wordpress" the other day and thoroughly blew my mind. I would prefer not to pay the $70+ for movable type, nor do I think I could get it going.

I guess my primary questions would be: a) Can I do this myself, if so how? (Ideally looking to stay cost-free or very close) b) If not, any of you guys/gals in the Chicago area have web design recommendations/skills to offer? Unfortunately, it would be a low budget affair at best, but I'm not really looking for anything terribly complicated here, and I would also be more than willing to offer booze, food, good company, and other (non-scandalous) alternate compensation as well. But feel free to tell me to stick it right up my pooper if doing this right would require some legitimate expense, though. Thanks!
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Well, I'm going to ChiTown in a month or so, and I've built wordpress sites (I'll email you a link if you want; not going to self-promote that much in public), and I'd be willing to help you if you buy me and my friends beer or something, but it should be pretty easy to do on your own, depending on what you want.
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once you get past the intimidation factor, wordpress is pretty easy to work with.

take a deep breath and look at the 5 minute installation guide. as long as your web host lets you create a mysql database, it's pretty simple.

and once you're up and running:
you can easily change the entire look of the sited by using the PSD template for the default Kubrick theme. wordpress doesn't come with that .psd, but you can get it by downloading kubrick from the author's site. between that and the stylesheet you can change things fairly easily.
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I should also mention that Blogger and Livejournal allow you to use their engines on your own site. Both allow you to customize them to the point that nobody has to know you're using their engines, though I think Livejournal charges for that privelege.
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yeah, looks like I was a jackass and wordpress is just fine. (And now I get to learn CSS, looks like) Thanks much.
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You can actually get a hosting account with Movable Type for a few bucks a month. Or you could go with TypePad, where a lot of MP3 blogs are hosted, and has the advantage of letting you redesign without having to know CSS or even HTML. (Disclaimer: I work for the company that makes both.)
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