Resources for adult lap swimmers?
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Are there helpful online resources for adults who want to learn swimming strokes? We can both swim, but we'd like to develop proper form.

My wife and I just moved into a condo building with a really nice lap pool, and we'd like to start taking advantage of it. We both know how to swim in general (perhaps I a little better than her), but we don't really know proper strokes or have efficient or thoughtful form.

We are looking for free online resources (even YouTube videos) that others have found helpful (I know there are zillions of results on YouTube, but the variety in their claims and approached indicates that they can't all be right!). Our goal is to learn a proper backstroke, freestyle stroke, or anything else that would be a helpful addition to a water-based exercise routine. Can anyone recommend anything?

To be clear, we are both in moderately good physical condition, not (much) overweight, no disabilities--we are choosing to work out in the pool because it's fun and different, not because it's our only choice. So, we are not interested in suggestions for non-water-based exercises or really for anything in the water (aerobics, games, etc.) other than basic, solo lap swimming.
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Best answer: I recently bookmarked the SwimSmooth site for just this reason, as I am also trying to get into swimming. It focuses on freestyle/front crawl and seems similar to Total Immersion, which you should also check out.
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Best answer: Total Immersion (I like this because you can absolutely see the difference in the underwater camera).
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Response by poster: These are great! Keep 'em coming!
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Total Immersion did it for me.
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