I never thought I'd be on a boat (made of money)!
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Can you help me find this hip-hop song, and/or the nerdy online article that analyzed part of it? Theme: so many stacks of money that you could lay on them, like a bed

I read this online sometime in the past three months, maybe even more recently, and have had no luck in tracking it down again.

Basically, there's a lyric in a current hip-hop song (maybe from "Watch the Throne," or something else by Jay-Z?) in which the rapper boasts that he has so much dough, he could lay on all his stacks of bills. I think this was in response to another rapper who tried to brag about his stacks, but they're nothing compared to Our Hero's. I feel like the words "lay on" and "stacks" were specifically in the lyrics, but obviously plenty of other terms may have been used to the same effect.

The nerdy-ish author of the article in question (which was definitely online) goes on to analyze the dimensions of U.S. currency, and the estimated size of the rapper, to determine how much money would be required for this to actually be true. I think there was a side note in which he said it's safe to assume that these are $100 bills, not smaller denominations, given the primacy of Benjamins in, you know, Ruling All Around Us.

Thank you, H.O.V.A.-mind!
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Best answer: The line is "I wish I could give you this feelin, I'm plankin on a million", but I dont know the site or the entry. It's obviously not this, though it does have hov planking on dough.
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Best answer: Oh, here it is - Slate: Can You Really "Plank on a Million"?
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Response by poster: THANK YOU, cashman! I can't believe I blanked on the whole meme part. You do your name justice, by the way.
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