I have the tassimo, yuppie coffee blues
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Since discontinuing my beloved Starbucks Breakfast Blend for my Tassimo coffee maker I have been lacking in one of my favorite rituals... the cup before work. None of the other coffee brands seem to stack up, not even close. It maybe a silly question to waste on an askme, but has any other MeFi fan of the former Starbucks selection found a respectable alternative coffee for their Tassimo machine? My machine is now way underused. Note to Starbucks and Tassimo: thanks for letting down your customer base. Booo...Hiss.
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You could do this, using the Breakfast Blend.
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You can still buy them on ebay (for a premium). I switched to the Gevalia Cafe Breakfast Blend, though most often I make Americanos with two Gevalia espresso discs and some hot water.
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I haven't curtailed my Starbucks use, but I've been pleased with this coffee-maker.
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Oops, I misread your question. Carry on.
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This response probably isn't much help as Im in the same boat...I've been more disenchanted by my Tassimo lately, not that I'm envious of K-cups...well maybe a little since you can buy refillables (shakes fist at Tassimo). For T-discs your stuck with Tassimo and partner brands, and really not much of a selection, although some clever folks have hacked together their own discs. For me, I've recently re-discovered the bliss that is freshly ground coffee for a 4 cup pot. The effort is a little more, and there's extra cleanup...but these single cup coffee makers can't get anywhere close to the taste and aroma of fresh ground...

...that being said, I've heard the Carte Noir line is fairly decent. It's likely a brand you'll have to mail order. You could also get a krups grinder, cup filter, and use the yellow cleaning disc for a stream of hot water...or just break free of the Tassimo with a cheap 1-4 cup brewpot (not a total loss, the Tassimo still makes a decent cappuccino...no more impulse buys for me this year tho!).
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You could always just buy a french press. All it takes really is hot water and 4 min . Its pretty much like making tea.
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