In search of coffee on the cape
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I'm looking for a good cup of coffee on Cape Cod.

I'm staying this week in Dennisport, and due to a lack of knowledge of the area (and cape cod in general - this is only my 2nd time here), I havent found a good, independent coffee shop. There are, of course, Dunkin Donuts shops every 1/4 mile along Rt 28, if you're into that sort of thing, but I was hoping for something, well, not Dunkin Donuts!

Oh, btw, I'm in Dennisport, but anything in Harwich / Dennis / Yarmouth would work for me. Thanks!
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Coffee Obsession has two locations, Falmouth and in Woods Hole. It's probably the best independent coffeeshop on the cape if it's not too far. I'm a huge fan.
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The Hot Chocolate Sparrow is more than decent, especially if you like the occasional mocha or what have you. I think their iced coffee is superior.
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(It's in Orleans, which means a short-ish drive, but I do think it's worth it.)
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I haven't been there yet, but apparently there is now a Starbucks in the Super Stop N Shop in Patriot Square. Definitely NOT independent, but an alternative to Dunkin Donuts.
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Your best bets locally are Buckies on Rt 28 in Dennisport (across the street from the Mill Store) and Seven Beans on 28 near the West Dennis/Yarmouthport line. Buckies is better (and has phenomenal pastry). I live in South Dennis. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know about the area.
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I second the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. They have great yummy breakfast sandwiches, all kinds of lattes and mocha stuff like Starbucks. They also have great premade pastries, cookies, etc (sugar free and gluten free too I think even). I buy loose tea there even. It gets crowded there though!
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Seconding the Coffee Obsession as best coffeeshop.
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