Flute solo music?
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Looking for flute music to play without an accompaniment: I'm a classically trained flutist, and have been asked to play during a casual open mic night in the near future.

The only problem is that I'm used to playing in an orchestra or with a piano accompaniment. I'll need to preform solo. Any recommendations for music? I'm a pretty advanced player, so I'm open for anything - and not necessarily classical. It just has to stand alone & not bore the living crap outta the audience. Any suggestions are appreciated, bonus points if you can direct me to where I can find sheet music. Thanks folks!
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I think the Debussy Syrinx would be an obvious choice.
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always be asking: what would Ian Anderson play? Don't be afraid to do some really corny music. like James Galway-style Christmas tunes, to get the crowd onto the dance floor
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a heavy dose of Jethro Tull may be the best prep for a solo pop flute gig....
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The other obvious choice is Varèse's Density 21.5.
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the old "swingin' shepherd blues"
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Any of the Telemann Fantasies would work, I'd think.
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A nice crowd-pleaser is Wil Offerman's "Honami" - it's got some nice extended techniques and is Japanese-sounding without being derivative or "exotic". Much more accessible than Varese and not corny.
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Robert Muczynski's Three Preludes for unaccompanied flute are winners, especially prelude 1 and 2. The pieces are short, funky, and sound impressive, but aren't that hard to play. I highly recommend these pieces, of not just for your open mike night, but also for fun! The Tango Etudes by Astor Piazolla are also played without accompaniment, and are sultry and cool.
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The suggestions given already seem great, but if you are planning on playing several different pieces, then I suggest including a movement from Bach's Partita for solo flute. They are beautiful and quite short, and it made me re-realize the natural potential of the instrument.
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use St. Germain's So Flute (feat. Edouard Labor) to improvise on? Also: Greyboy has some neat jazzy flute breaks.
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Speaking of Ian Anderson / Jethro Tull, you could do a jazzed up version of Bouree, or a variation of Serenade to a Cuckoo.
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Dvorak's Humoresque. I like it better a little faster than this guy's playing it.

Also, whether you can beatbox or not, this would be awesome: Mario Brothers theme.

80s nostalgia will probably go over well in general:
Inspector Gadget,
Star Wars- Muppet Show mashup , etc.

How about arranging the theme songs to several beloved TV shows into one song? (Simpsons, Brady Bunch, Seinfeld, Friends, Three's Company, Golden Girls, etc.) That would be awesome!
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