The Perfect Dog Jacket
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Help us find a great jacket (probably with hood) for our small dog!

Walter is a 9 pound Terrier mix. As the weather gets colder and wetter here in Seattle, we want to get him a jacket to keep him warm and dry.

Our priorities:
-- easy to put on and take off
-- removable hood
-- designed so that he is less likely to pee all over it (we saw some that almost completely cover his tummy, which seems like a bad idea)
-- pretty colors!

Any favorites, especially for smaller, furry dogs?
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It doesn't have a hood, but I quite like this jacket from Lands' End, and the xs is on sale if that's the size you need and you like red. It's easy to get on and take off and doesn't cover the belly at all. They have more pretty colors and sizes that aren't on sale, too. I use mine mainly in the winter for a bit of warmth, but I have used it in the rain and it keeps at least her back nice and dry.

There is also this jacket that has a hat rather than a hood. I haven't used that one, but I've had pretty good luck with all of the Lands' End stuff for dogs that I've tried.

My dog is a medium beagle mix, though, so she's not particularly small or furry and YMMV.
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Our pup has a Tanner & Dash jacket that has worked great for the past 3-4 years. Not cheap, but good quality and totally worth it. Ours doesn't have a hood, tho.
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Trixie and Peanut has great stuff! Also you might be able to find someone on Etsy to make one for you!
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Okay, this doesn't come in colors and the hood isn't detachable so it may not be your thing BUT it is the most awesome dog jacket ever. It is definitely easy on/off (velcro) and there's not so much stomach coverage that it's a peeing risk.

My dog (6 lb Chihuahua) hates clothing with a passion, which I respect him for, but this thing is just so damn cute. I mean, what dog WOULDN'T want to look like Sherlock Holmes?

(Here he is.)
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