When ampersands attack.
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Help me extract text from a PDF of a Powerpoint presentation!

One of my lecturers posts lecture notes online in PDF format, which she has exported from Powerpoint. Each page consists of 4 slides. I would like to be able to copy the text from these slides for my own notes, but when I do so, I end up with something like:

Australian(Film(and(Radio ( ( (
• Emergence&of&Variety&theatre&from&the&1850s&
• The&Tivoli&Circuit:&Touring&shows,&Vaudeville,&Comic&
• Major&Comic&talent&

I've tried just copying the whole thing into Word and running 'search and replace' for various characters, but it takes a helluva long time, as does getting rid of the odd sentence wrapping and things like 'Tradi6on'. Things get even weirder when there are multiple columns to a slide.

Is there any way I can salvage this text? The slides are saved in nameofslide.pptx.pdf format. Any suggestions (short of asking the lecturer to change her file formatting) would be welcome!
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Try running it through the file converter at Zamzar.com
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, converting it to a .doc just put each word into its own column and replaced the ampersands with underscores. Back to square one.
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lovedbymarylane: "Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, converting it to a .doc just put each word into its own column and replaced the ampersands with underscores. Back to square one."

What is the url for the notes?

I convert PDFs all the time, but can't really comment on your issue without seeing the source file. There are a number of methods to use, but each can be different depending on the original.
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If you know anyone with Acrobat Pro, they should be able to copy/paste the text from there, providing the text is actually text and not part of a single large image.
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Save the slides as images (rasterize them), then run them through OCR? This will get the text you can see on-screen only, no hidden stuff.
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Try sending it to a GMail account, and view the attachment as HTML? Or else Google Docs has a convertor (Upload it to Docs, and make a copy in Google Docs format).
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It might be easier to just ask your instructor for her original PP files, or for her to export the text in the presentation to a doc. Simple to do if she's willing.
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Response by poster: Lampshade: thanks for the offer, but the files are only accessible with a current student's login information.

Thorzdad: unfortunately I don't!

Boobus Tuber: Google Docs got rid of the ampersands, but still left one word to a line and the weird 'tradi6on' thing, which is not ideal.

misterbrandt: I'm guessing even if OCR works, I'd have to input the images slide-by-slide because of the column issue, which is just as time-consuming as search-and-replace.

Thanks guys - I was hoping there was some quick fix I didn't know about, but I guess I'll have to speak to my lecturer about it!
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